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Alpha Northern is a reputable market leader in foam conversion products. We are able to supply cut to size foam in any density and foam material.


All our beds are made in the UK using locally sourced materials, so you can be confident in the quality and reliability  of the product your are investing in.

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Tel: (01924) 466977

We are able to create any manner of mattress or foam product, please give us a call and we

can try and meet your requirement

Alpha Northern has worked hard to build a reputation in the industry as a reliable company which provides high quality product on a consistent basis. We have not been tempted to reduce our quality by using inferior materials in our products. Alpha Northern uses all UK manufactured components in its product which are checked for quality by our own analysts. Alpha Northern products are all British Standards compliant and tested to a high degree of durability.


Our commitment to use reputable suppliers means that you will always get the best products that will be as good as they were when first purchased.