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Alpha Northern Ltd, is an established foam converter company, serving a wide variety of industries and market sectors, from your home furnishing to NHS, we can supply market specific products. Our in house departments can take the raw materials and process them right through to the finished item.


Recently our operations have expanded to include the whole sleep solutions, from beds, mattresses to bedding materials we are your one stop shop for all your needs.


Our long term vision is to be able to cater for every eventuality, give quality in service, product and support. Our manufacturing is only the start, we want to build long tern relationships with our customers, we want them to feel confident in doing business with us.


Alpha Northern Ltd is constantly receiving enquires from a large number of firms, who know that we will work closely with them to provide excellent service and support in the environment they operate in. Your success is our aim..!

We treat each individual customer as part of the Alpha Northern Family, to provide the best service and quality product time after time.



Don’t just take our word for how excellent we are.. Just have a look at what others have to say about us.

Tel: (01924) 466977